SeeNews: Serbia moves gold reserves from Bern to Belgrade


The SeeNews portal said that the Serbian authorities have moved the country’s gold reserves from Switzerland to the vaults of the central bank in Belgrade.

It quoted National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Governor Jorgovanka Tabakovic as telling the pro-regime TV Pink that the reserves totaled 37 tons and had been relocated from Bern to Belgrade.

„All the gold of the state of Serbia, over 37 tonnes, is in the vaults of the central bank,“ Tabakovic said, adding the gold was moved at the request of President Aleksandar Vucic following discussion earlier this year. „Vucic told me that he thinks that the gold should be here in Serbia, saying, ‘You do not know what is happening in the world’,“ SeeNews reported her as saying.

The central bank intends to continue to acquire gold and expand its reserves further, Tabakovic added.

In 2020, Vucic said Serbia’s gold reserves amounted to 31 tons, the portal said.