Senior ruling party MP falsely accuses opposition MP

NEWS 13.06.202318:38

The senior Serbian ruling party MP accused an opposition MP of tweeting insulting against his parents at Tuesday’s parliament session.

Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP group chief Milenko Jovanov said that Green-Left Club MP Radomir Lazovic posted insults against his mother and late father on Twitter even though nothing similar is posted on Lazovic’s Twitter account.
Jovanov was given twice the customary time allocated to speak by the session chair. He spoke directly to Lazovic even though the rules of parliament explicitly prohibit that.

The SNS MP accused Lazovic and the rest of the opposition of inciting violence and wanting to see blood on the streets. “Radomir Lazovic is to blame for everything that happens. You will answer for everything that happens. Answer! Answer!,” Jovanov shouted across the parliament hall. Jovanov claimed that Lazovic wrote that the SNS MP killed his own mother.

Speaking before Jovanov SNS MP Ugljesa Mrdic accused the opposition of working for foreign powers. Tuesday’s session saw heated exchanges with insults and accusations of blame for the atmosphere of violence in the country.
MPs are debating the forming of a board of inquiry to look into the causes of the recent mass shootings.