Serbia Against Violence drafts blueprint for election fraud investigation

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Opposition members of Serbian national and local election commissions sent the European Parliament a “blueprint for the ad hoc fact-finding mission and independent international investigation in the 2023 serbian elections”.

The document was drafted by Serbia Against Violence (SPN) officials who were members of the Repubic Election Commission (RIK) and the Belgrade City Election Commission (GIK).

According to the document that N1 had access to, an independent international investigation should be conducted by legal and forensic experts, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and others including MEPs. It should look into claims of election fraud at the December 17 elections (national, Vojvodina provincial and Belgrade City). The investigation should cover all stages of the election process.

The investigation should ascertain if irregularities had an effect on the final outcome of the elections. It should also look into the Unified Voter Rolls and verify their accuracy and examine the scale of persistent and systematic abuse of institutions and media .

The document proposes the methods to be used in the investigation such as interviews with local democracy watchdog organizations and electronic reviews of voter rolls.

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