Serbia Against Violence official says opposition achieved goal

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Serbia Against Violence official Biljana Djordjevic told N1 on Wednesday that the opposition achieved its goal of delaying the election of a speaker at the the constitutive session of parliament. Pročitaj više

Opposition MPs stood at the opening of the session, chanting and holding up signs saying that the authorities committed election fraud and then walking out and swearing the MP oath in the lobby while ruling coalition MPs did the same from their seats in the hall. The ruling coalition responded to the opposition chants and signs with a banner saying they would prevent the opposition from committing thefts.

Djordjevic said that the opposition MPs’ behavior was appropriate because they did show respect for the national anthem. “We found a way to take part and refuse to take part,” she said.

According to her, the ruling coalition took over the parliament building because they denied the opposition access to the balcony where the banner was unfurled. The authorities also ordered plain clothes police to form a cordon separating the opposition from the ruling coalition and the MP chairing the session. Plain clothes police provide security for the Serbian parliament.

Djordjevic said the goal was to disrupt the session and prevent any debate before the European Parliament passes its resolution on the situation in Serbia. “In that sense, we succeeded. We first asked for the session not to be called or to be called for Friday, the day after the European Parliament vote. We did achieve our goal because the debate on the election of a speaker was postponed and we will be able to speak about the European Parliament resolution,” she said.

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