Serbia Against Violence presents conditions for elections

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The Serbia Against Violence (SPN) opposition coalition called the authorities to improve election conditions at a news conference on Monday. Pročitaj više

Coalition officials presented their list of conditions to reporters in the lobby of the Serbian parliament. Radomir Lazovic, an official of the SPN member Green-Left party, said that the elections in December showed that “the entire election process was deeply manipulated by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)” which, according to him, includes pressure on voters, election fraud and misuse of the media. “That means we need fundamental solutions to get fair elections,” he said.

Lazovic said the SPN came up with a detailed document based on the views and reports of pro-democracy organizations.

The list of conditions includes the forming of a parliamentary body to control the elections whose members will be from the authorities, opposition and civil society organizations with oversight powers as a temporary solution before changes to the law are made. Lazovic said the electoral rolls have to be fully reviewed prior to the coming vote by local and international experts nominated by the opposition.

The SPN wants only voters resident in a city or municipality for more than 6 months to be allowed to vote at local elections in their place of residence.

The conditions call parliament to adopt mandatory instructions for new media shows, a ban on hate speech and the spreading of lies, stronger outside oversight by an independent media commission which would have to authority to review all violations of the law committed by the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) including the revoking of broadcast licences.

The SPN also wants a ban on the use of the name of people who are not standing in elections on election tickets.
Lazovic said parliament should adopt a special law to introduce those measures with the government ensuring their implementation.

Asked if the opposition would consider a boycott of the local elections in Belgrade if the conditions are not met, Lazovic said they want the ruling parties to respond to their demands first before considering other options.

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