Serbia Against Violence refuses consultations with Vucic

Srbija protiv nasilja

The opposition Serbia Against Violence (SPN) coalition said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s invitation for consultations on prime minister nomination and formation of new government are nothing but a farce.

We have nothing to consult on with a man who has usurped power, rigged the elections and brutally altered the will of the people, said this coalition.

“If this government really cared about what an election ticket that won over 900,000 votes had to say, it would not have laughed in the face of the Serbian citizens claiming, without any shame, that these were the ‘cleanest and fairest’ elections, but would have annulled the rigged elections by now and worked to improve the electoral conditions so that the citizens of Serbia could really choose a legitimate government in fair and democratic elections. We believe that we should wait for an independent European mission that will give a final judgment on the held elections, as well as that the formation of a government based on election fraud would only further deepen the crisis we are in,” said the Serbia Against Violence coalition in a press release.

Vucic began on Monday post-election consultations with political parties on a candidate for prime minister and new government.