Serbia Against Violence to hand proposals to Brnabic

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Serbia Against Violence (SPN) coalition officials told N1 on Friday that they would hand Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic their proposals for the implementation of ODIHR recommendations. Pročitaj više

Brnabic called opposition MPs on Thursday to submit their proposals by noon on Friday after SPN MPs walked out of a meeting with her. Earlier, Brnabic said that the opposition demanded a review of the voter registry, full access to the state TV (RTS) and the same date for all local elections but added that the ruling coalition accepted only the first two demands. The opposition is divided on whether to run in the coming Belgrade City Assembly elections on June 2 unless that third demand is met which would mean changing te election law.

People’s Movement of Serbia leader Miroslav Aleksic and Green-Left Front MP Jelena Jerinic said that their proposals will be on ways to implement the recommendations transparently.

“We will say what we think are the priority recommendations and insist on full implementation of all ODIHR recommendations. We have to start working on them together regardless of whether we disagree or not, we have to work with the authorities,” Jerinic said.

Aleksic said that Thursday’s meeting between ruling coalition and opposition MPs was a show for US Ambassador Christopher Hill, European Union Delegation chief Emanuel Giaufret and OSCE Mission chief Jan Braatu. He said the ruling coalition drew up five amendments to election laws, all of them not a priority. “Recommendation 1 is the key – implementing all the recommendations before the next local or republic-wide elections,” he said.

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