Serbia and Russia hold joint military exercise with combat shooting

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Serbia's Defense Ministry

Serbia hosts joint military exercise with Russia dubbed ‘Slavic Shield 2021’ with combat shooting in anti-aircraft activities, Serbia’s Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.

The Army of Serbia (VJ) Air Force and Air Defence and the Russian Federation Army’s Air and Space Forces take part in this week’s exercise on military training grounds and in Serbia’s airspace to practice the organisation and execution of anti-aircraft actions in the protection of the territory and its forces.

By the exercise scenario, a joint air defence group of the VJ and Russian army will practice combat operations and procedures in protecting the strategic facility from reconnaissance and air operations.

The realisation of such exercises improves the training of the command and units of the Air Force and Air Defence for conducting air defence operations, exchanges experiences, strengthens bilateral military cooperation and raises the VJ’s interoperability, the statement added.