Serbia extradites its national suspected of fraud, money laundering to US


Serbia extradited Antonio Stojilkovic to the United States, who, along with a larger group of accomplices, is accused of cheating investors for more than 70 million Dollars, the Texas public prosecutor Prerak Shah confirmed as the US embassy to Serbia said on Friday.

Stojilkovic was arrested on July 24, 2020, on a US arrest warrant. He agreed to be extradited to America, and FBI escorted him to Texas on Thursday.

The US Ambassador to Serbia Anthony Godfrey said the case sent a message that „Serbia is not a haven for international criminals.“

„The United States is grateful to Serbia’s authorities for their cooperation and assistance in stopping this mass fraud. Working together is the only way to protect our citizens from cross-border crime,“ Godfrey said.

Stojilkovic and more than ten other people are accused of creating a criminal group whose goal was fraud and money laundering.

„That group deceived investors for 70 million Dollars on several continents. They targeted the Americans, but also citizens of other countries. We are proud that Stojilkovic will face justice before the American court,“ Shah said.

If convicted, Stojiljkovic and the other indictees could face up to 20 years in prison.