Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania creating mutual assistance mechanisms

NEWS 26.07.2022 15:13

Intergovernmental groups and chambers of commerce of Open Balkan initiative member countries continued work Tuesday in Tirana, focusing on management and rapid response in the event of disasters and accidents, food shortages and energy crises, Beta reported.

Representatives of Open Balkan member countries – Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania – agreed that securing food in conditions of a global crisis is a challenge and a priority, which is why the three countries are creating mechanisms for mutual assistance, said the Government in Skopje, Beta reported.

The Open Balkan members’ priority is regional energy connectivity, increasing energy capacities and a safe and stable energy supply accessible to citizens, said the Government press release.

It is said that regional connecting with the aim of greater energy stability when faced with a global economic and energy crisis is the main focus of the Government of North Macedonia which it “shares with partners and friends in the region”.

A meeting between the three countries’ representatives and Albanian buyers and distributors will be organized in Tirana by Albanian Agriculture Minister Frida Krifca to discuss new possibilities for the import and export of sugar, cooking oil, flour and salt in the region on terms favorable to all three countries, the press release said.