Serbia’s top security agency says its chief on visit to Israel

Serbia’s top civilian security agency said on Thursday that its chief Aleksandar Vulin was in Israel for an official visit arranged earlier.

The press release from the Security Information Agency (BIA) came after pictures of BIA Director Vulin in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem appeared in public a day earlier. “The visit was to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv under escort by the hosts,” the press release said.

The BIA said that it “does not disclose the activities of its leadership regardless of the lies and insinuations by politicians or media”, adding that it was forced to react “because of attempts to inflict damage on Serbia, the BIA and its director”.

“Due to the lies by certain media that BIA Director Aleksandar Vulin is in an “evidently private visit to Jerusalem”, we want to inform the public that the BIA Director was on an earlier scheduled official one-day visit to the partner service of the state of Israel,” it said.