Serbia sticks to current anti-epidemic measures despite political pressure

NEWS 09.02.2021 11:43
Krizni štab
Tanjug / Rade Prelić

The anti-epidemic Crisis Team composed of both medical staff and politicians decided on Tuesday to stick with the current measures in fighting the coronavirus in Serbia, despite political pressure to ease them to help the economy, mostly to cafes and restaurants.

The meeting reportedly did not discuss the audience at the forthcoming Europa League soccer match between Red Star Belgrade and Milan FC scheduled on February 18 in Serbia’s capital.

Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said earlier on Tuesday he would demand the Crisis Team to extend the working hours of the cafes and restaurants that now close at 8 pm, and allow music in them after 5 pm until the closure.

He specified a difficult situation for the catering industry in general, pledging to balance protecting the health and keeping economy alive.

However, earlier on Tuesday, both Health Minister and Minister of Employment, Veteran and Social Policy asked for caution since the daily infected number was still high.

Predrag Kon, an epidemiologist and a member of the Crisis Team, said a mild rise in coronavirus cases was linked to winter holidays and the existence of the so-called British strain of the virus.

“We recognised the risk of the forthcoming holiday,” Kon said, referring to Serbia’s National Day celebrated on February 15 and 16 as non-working days in the country.