Serbia to send humanitarian aid to Palestine

NEWS 10.05.202419:51
Vlada Srbije

The Serbian Government said it adopted a Conclusion directing humanitarian aid in goods to the State of Palestine, as a form of aid to the vulnerable population due to the critical humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Humanitarian aid is provided in the form of food, water, medical equipment, as well as tents to accommodate families, and the total value of the goods is close to 3 million euros, with a weight of close to 900 tons, it said.

The aid is being sent in two flights, on Friday and on Saturday, said the Serbian Government, adding that, given the complexity of the situation, “no one can estimate the period in which these goods will reach the people of Gaza.” The rest of the humanitarian aid will be transported by ship, it said.

Once the aid arrives in Egypt, it will be picked up by the Egyptian Red Crescent and trucked further into the Gaza Strip, said the government in a press release.

Under the same Conclusion, the government also agreed with the Foreign Ministry’s proposal that the government respond to the call of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to provide financial support to the program of emergency assistance to Gaza, by paying funds in the amount of 10,000 euros, said the press release.