Serbia votes ‘yes’ to UN’s resolution condemning Russian attack, West welcomes

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Tanjug/AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Belgrade voted in favour of the UN resolution condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine at an emergency session on Wednesday, earning praise from Western embassies in the country.

‘Yes’ to the resolution came from 141 countries; five voted against, and 35 abstained.

Western officials in Serbia welcomed its vote in favour of a UN resolution condemning Russia over aggression against Ukraine.

The head of the European Union delegation in Serbia, Emanuele Giaufret, welcomed on Twitter that Serbia joined the countries that voted „for“.

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom Sian MacLeod, Sweden Annika Ben David and Canadian Giles Norman also welcomed Belgrade’s vote.

The US Embassy tweeted they were „glad that Serbia supported Ukraine in the UN.“

German Ambassador Thomas Schieb said that „We welcome the fact that Serbia has joined 141 UN member states to express its solidarity with Ukraine, which has become a victim of military aggression.“

The French and Italian embassies also welcomed this decision.

Serbia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nemanja Stevanovic, said at the UN General Assembly session that Serbia would vote for the adoption of the draft resolution, which condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, although disagreeing with some formulations.

The draft resolution demands that Russia immediately and unconditionally withdraw all military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.

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