Serbian Ambassador banned from entering Montenegro

Medija centar Beograd

Serbian Ambassador to Montenegro Vladimir Bozovic said he is currently at the Dracenovac border crossing between Serbia and Montenegro, waiting to be presented with a decision on a ban on entry into Montenegro.

“The ban was imposed at the request of National Security Agency (ANB) director Savo Kentera, under the explanation that I am a threat to Montenegro’s national security,” said Bozovic in a video posted on Instagram.

“This is a scandal of unprecedented proportion, it is unheard of and it is contrary to the Montenegrin Constitution and laws and all European standards and norms, it is banning me from entering the country in which I was born, in which my parents, sisters, relatives, godparents live, where the graves of my ancestors are, in which my ancestors fought for the honorable cross and golden freedom,” said Bozovic.

“I will, of course, appeal this decision, I expect a reaction from the Republic of Serbia, its Prime Minister, the entire Serbian people, Serbian Patriarch and our church, because this is not an attack on me and my family, but an attack on all Serbs in Montenegro and on all Serbs wherever they live, to show that they are not a democratic people, that they are not a people worthy of having their fundamental human rights and religious rights and freedoms respected,” said the Ambassador.

Bozovic said that he never interfered in Montenegro’s internal affairs and that he never received any orders from the Serbian President to do anything against Montenegro, its government or its interests.

“I fought for the best, brotherly and friendly relations between Montenegro and Serbia, for us to be the closest brothers, friends, the closest two UN members but unfortunately all this wasn’t possible and I am being expelled for the second time,” said Bozovic, adding that he plans to inform all relevant international organizations because the ban is against the European Convention on Human Rights and the Vienna Convention.

“I call on all competent authorities in Montenegro to react to this and to protect the Montenegrin Constitution and laws, to respect the Montenegrin tradition of history and justice.” said Bozovic.

Leader of the Montenegrin Democratic People’s Party (DNP) and one of the Democratic Front (DF) leaders Milan Knezevic confirmed that Serbian Ambassador Bozovic has been banned from entering Montenegro.

“I have just been informed that, at the request of the ANB, Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic has been banned from entering Montenegro,” Knezevic wrote on Twitter, adding that it is time to expel Serbs from Montenegro because “the European Union (EU) can’t wait.”

Bozovic was declared persona non grata in Montenegro in November 2020.

He continued to perform his duties from Belgrade and, in spite of the Serbian Government’s announcement that it would mirror the move of the Montenegrin Government, Montenegrin Ambassador to Belgrade Tarzan Milosevic was not declared persona non grata.

Montenegro’s Foreign Minister Ranko Krivokapic sent a request to the country’s Interior Ministry on August 15 this year, once again asking for “a prompt ban on entry and removal” of Vladimir Bozovic, the expelled Serbian Ambassador to Montenegro, if he is in the territory of Montenegro.

On August 29 Krivokapic said the Foreign Ministry has asked for Bozovic to be “removed”, and then  banned from entering Montenegro.