Serbian Ambassador to Russia Lazanski dies

NEWS 04.08.2021 09:02
Source: N1

The Serbian Foreign Ministry told FoNet news agency on Wednesday that Belgrade’s Ambassador to Russia Miroslav Lazanski had died.

Lazanski (71) was a journalist and commentator before turning to politics for the 2016 elections when he was elected to parliament as an MP of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). He was named ambassador in Moscow in July 2019.

He was known for his stories about military affairs. Lazanski was born in Croatia to a Yugoslav National Army (JNA) officer and lived in the capital Zagreb for a large part of his life, writing mainly for weekly publications and managing to cover both sides during the Cold War. He moved to Belgrade in 1991 when former Yugoslavia broke up to write for the pro-government Politika daily as well as other publications, becoming close to the authorities in the 1990s. He was a contributor to Kathimerini, Diamond Weekly and Securitarian and authored seven books and a dozen TV series.

Lazanski covered the conflicts in Afghanistan, Beirut, Chechnya, Zaire, the Lebanon, Iran-Iraq war, Desert Storm, Libya and the wars in the former Yugoslavia.