Serbian Ambassador wants reliable friends in US administration

NEWS 12.11.202111:01

Serbia’s Ambassador in Washington Marko Djuric said that Belgrade wants to have reliable friends in key positions in the US administration in the next five years.

He told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that there are “a lot of pragmatic people and some with an inherited negative image of Serbia from the 1990s” in Washington, adding that he is talking to both groups and is satisfied with his progress. “We are working with both Republicans and Democrats and will never fall into the trap of supporting just one option in America. We are working to strengthen our relations and to have reliable friends in key administration positions in five years,” he said.

According to Djuric, a letter of support to Serbia will be adopted by the Congress by the end of the year which, he added, will have the support of many more members of Congress than the letter affirming Pristina’s views. He recalled that Serbia and the US are marking 140 years of relations this year.

“The important thing is for the American administration to send the message that cooperation with Serbia is in America’s interest,” he added.