Serbian church elders: Vucic would not agree to Kosovo independence

NEWS 20.01.2023 15:06
Source: SPC:RS

Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) elders said on Friday that the Serbian state leadership would not agree to anything that leads to the independence of Kosovo.

“The spiritual leader of the Orthodox Serbs and the bishops present repeated the clear and unequivocal stand of the church that Kosovo and Metohija is an integral and inalienable part of Serbia and that keeping it inside the borders of Serbia is a constitutional obligation and imperative for both the church and our state,” a statement issued after a saint’s day celebration said.

The SPC celebrates the feast of John the Baptist according to the Julian calendar. The celebration at the Patriarchate Palace in Belgrade was attended by President Aleksandar Vucic who told the bishops that he is due to meet with European and US envoys to discuss Kosovo.

The SPC statement said that the church will always support the Serbian state leadership’s efforts to keep Kosovo as a part of Serbia and maintain coexistence in peace and understanding for the entire population of Kosovo.