Serbian companies and entrepreneurs report profits of 6 billion Euro

NEWS 21.07.2022 19:05

Serbian companies and entrepreneurs reported total profits of more than 6 billion Euro in 2021, the Business Registers Agency (APR) said on Thursday.

It said that the final accounts filed by 277,701 companies showed profits of 679.9 billion Dinars or about 5.8 billion Euro. The data released by the APR showed that profits were 79.3 percent higher last year than in 2020. A total of 310,365 companies are under obligation to file final accounts with the APR.

According to the APR, entrepreneurs reported profits of 44.4 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) or about 30 percent more than a year earlier.

Companies reported 11,531 more employees in 2021 than a year earlier while entrepreneurs reported a drop of 5,327 employees.

“Economic recovery began in 2021 following recession trends in the previous year which were caused by the pandemic. Positive trends are present among all companies and entrepreneurs,” the APR said and added that financing was mainly from loans with debts rising by 8.1 percent at annual level.


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