Serbian election commission releases preliminary results for president

NEWS 04.04.2022 23:46
Republička izborna komisija

The Republic Election Commission (RIK) said on Monday evening that Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) candidate Aleksandar Vucic won 58.59 percent of the vote at Sunday’s presidential elections.

RIK Chairman Vladimir Dimitrijevic said that Vucic won 2,157,008 votes. He added that United for Serbia’s Victory candidate Zdravko Ponos won 18.32 percent of the vote or 674,567 votes.

RIK data showed that NAD coalition candidate Milos Jovanovic won 5.97 percent or 219,970 votes, Patriotic Block candidate Bosko Obradovic won 4.38 percent or 161,212, Oathkeeper candidate Milica Djurdjevic Stamenkovski won 4.25 percent of 156,635, We Must (Moramo) coalition candidate Biljana Stojkovic won 3.20 percent or 117,784, Sovereignists candidate Branka Stamenkovic won 2.03 percent or 74,866 and Misa Vacic won 0.87 percent or 32,074 votes.

Dimitrijevic said that 3,594,116 valid ballots were counted adding that there were 87,445 invalid ballots.