Serbian Event Industry stages protest in front of government headquarters

NEWS 21.01.2021 13:49

The Event Industry Serbia organization staged gatherings on Thursday in front of the government building and two ministries to protest the anti-pandemic measures which the organization says are preventing its members from working.

The protests in front of the government headquarters and the Ministries of Finance and Trade warned that the members of the organization are in a dramatic position.

“The Event Industry is made up of companies organizing mass events, celebrations, corporate events and we have been banned from working since March 15. Several hundred companies employing several thousand people and even more thousands of their family members without are left without income. The state and the public do not see us as a separate branch – we are not travel agencies, caterers…. They are all working somehow and we are banned,” protest participants said.

“We welcome the aid provided to others but we are not there and all parameters in European countries show that the event industry is the most endangered in this pandemic. It has been recognized as the biggest victim of all this and a unique model has been implemented – lock down and ignore,” the protesters said.


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