Serbian farmers stage protests


Farmers of the Stig Association blocked Tuesday the bridge over the Great Morava river that connects the eastern Serbian city of Pozarevac and the E-75 motorway.

The bridge will be blocked for a period to two to three hours by over 200 tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Farmers have asked the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture to increase the purchase price of sunflower from 60 to 90 Dinars per kilo.

“We are now organizing the fourth protest this year. We want to show everyone that the situation is not good. Once again the farmers of the Branicevo district have joined Vojvodina farmers’ protests… We do not expect anything after this blockade. We are going back to our homes and sunflower fields,” Pozarevac Stig Association Nedeljko Savic told N1, adding that they have had 30 meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture which has done nothing about the problem.

At the same time, representatives of the Initiative for the Survival of Farmers organized a tractor protest ride from the town of Stara Pazova to the Belgrade neighborhood of Batajnica, expressing their dissatisfaction with the purchase price of sunflower and fuel prices for farmers.

They demand that the purchase price of sunflower be 700 Euro per ton, as well as for the government to provide fuel subsidies.

“We give the Ministry 48 hours to respond to our demands otherwise we will radicalize the protests,” Initiative president Radoslav Adammovic told N1.