Serbian FinMin says deficit lower than planned

NEWS 06.12.202312:10

The Serbian Finance Ministry said on Wednesday that the budget deficit is lower than planned.

A press release said that the budget deficit stood at 5.6 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 117 Dinars), lower than the planned 21.9 billion Dinars in the revised budget. It said that the original annual budget deficit was planned to stand at 131 billion Dinars. The Finance Ministry specified that budget revenue totaled 1,545.5 billion Dinars with expenses totaling 1,551.2 billion. Serbian financial institutions and economy experts use 1,000 million to denote 1 trillion.

It said that the budget surplus in October was 7.7 billion Dinars. At national level, the fiscal surplus for the January-October period was 10.2 billion Dinars with a primary fiscal surplus of 130.1 billion Dinars, the Finance Ministry said.