Serbian government buys Hitler order to attack Yugoslavia


The Serbian government said on Wednesday that it bought Hitler’s order to attack the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

A press release said that the Nazi leader’s March 1941 order to attack Yugoslavia and Greece was bought at the initiative of the Museum of Genocide Victims which appealed to the Serbian President. “At the request of the President of the Republic, the Serbian government secured the necessary funds to purchase one of the most important documents for the entire history of the Serbian people,” it said.

The order is one of 13 copies titled Directive no. 25 and signed by Adolf Hitler.

“This document, whose content marked the beginning of the Second World War on the entire territory of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which started in the early morning hours of 6 April 1941, is comparable in its importance to the telegram of declaration of war on the Kingdom of Serbia by the Austro-Hungarian Empire dated 28 July 1914,” the press release said.

It did not specify how much was paid for the copy of the order.