Serbian government gets new education minister

Slavica Đukić Dejanović
N1/Marina Pupavac

Parliament confirmed the appointment of Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) official Slavica Djukic Dejanovic as Education Minister on Tuesday.

Djukic Dejanovic is a psychiatrist and university professor who served as health minister and parliament speaker. The SPS is part of the ruling coalition. She replaces acting minister Djordje Milicevic who took over when Branko Ruzic resigned in the wake of the mass shooting at a Belgrade elementary school – both were from the SPS.

Djukic Dejanovic told the parliament session that voted her into office that she accepted the nomination with a sense of huge responsibility, knowing that everything that she and her associates do requires the full cooperation of all institutions to prevent a repeat of the tragedy that happened in May.

She said the material position of teachers has to be improved and their dignity and reputation restored, adding that the voice of the children has to be heard and that efforts have to be invested to combat peer violence.