Serbian Health Minister: Pandemic deaths to be investigated

NEWS 25.05.2021 15:01

Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said on Tuesday that the ministry would form a working group to analyze deaths during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the working group would do the job so that future generations can learn a lesson for future epidemics. He said the working group would include staff from hospitals, local government and the Republic Statistics Office. “We said that an initiative would be launched when the conditions are right to analyze all deaths linked to the coronavirus,” Loncar said.

The minister said that autopsy is the only reliable way to determine if someone died of coronavirus-related ailments but that autopsies were not recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He said the analysis would include deaths not in hospitals. “We do not want to hide anything,” he said, adding that the working group would need at least a few weeks to complete the investigation.