Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry denies police violence

NEWS 22.07.2022 12:04
MUP Srbije

The Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry denied reports of police violence at Thursday’s protest in the northern city of Novi Sad.

Friday’s statement said that claims by the media, politicians and NGOs are false. “All those false claims about the Serbian police coming from certain media, politicians and NGOs have the goal of destroying the reputation of our personnel and our institution,” it said.

The ministry said that professional and efficient efforts of police personnel “prevented the violent group of demonstrators, that included political activists, from tearing down the protective barrier fence and breaking into the Novi Sad City Assembly session to create chaos and unrest”.

“Despite the fact that the demonstrators were violent towards police personnel by throwing rocks and bottles and hitting them with various objects, pouring green paint on them and voicing the worst swear words at them, the police maintain stable order. The police will continue doing its job responsibly, efficiently, conscientiously in line with the law to maintain order and protect the citizens and the legal order,” the statement said.