Serbian military forming new unit for Chinese AA missile system

NEWS 18.03.202212:57
Ministarstvo odbrane

The Serbian military is forming a new unit to take delivery of a Chinese anti-aircraft missile system.

The Balkan Security Network quoted the Army of Serbia (VS) Official Gazette which said the the new unit will be part of the 250th AA Missile Brigade to operate the Chinese FK-3 missile system. The Brigade operates the Russian Neva-M AA missile system.

The portal said that the purchase of the Chinese AA system was contracted in 2019 with an advance payment, adding that President Aleksandar Vucic said on February 19 that the system would be arriving soon.

It said that the delivery is probably running late because the transport was organized with Antonov 124 aircraft owned by Russian and Ukrainian companies.

Serbia recently took delivery of Russian Pantsyr AA missile systems following a joint exercise with Russian forces using the S-400 air defense system.