Serbian Minister Vulin says migrants should be in camps

NEWS 05.02.2021 12:09
MUP Srbije

Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Friday that migrants should be in camps, adding that the country’s asylum system is one of the best in Europe.

Migrants have to and should be in camps. Our asylum system is one of the best organized in Europe. We are humane and organized but the law has to be respected and our daily lives should never be in doubt in any way,” he said after the police transferred 27 irregular migrants from Belgrade to a collective center in the southern Serbia town of Presevo.

Vulin, Director of Police Vladimir Rebic and Serbian Refugee Commissioner Vladimir Cucic, visited the police unit that launched an early morning operation to round up what the police call irregular migrants. He said that his ministry is in charge of the security of everyone in Serbia and added that no one should take the law into their own hands and try to remove, punish or direct migrants in violation of the law instead of the police and other institutions.

The Serbian state is and will continue doing its job. It will take care of every person on its territory regardless of where they came from. Serbia has show itself to be more organized, humane and safer than many European Union countries in terms of the migrant crisis,” Vulin said.


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