Serbian ministers welcome Chinese delegation at Belgrade airport

NEWS 07.05.202419:09
Tanjug/Marko Đoković

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali and Minister of Domestic and Foreign Trade Tomislav Momirovic welcomed the members of the Chinese delegation, ministers and representatives of Chinese institutions at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport on Tuesday.

Mali said in an Instagram post that he welcomed Chinese Finance Minister Lan Fo’an, Minister of Trade Wang Wentao and Foreign Affairs Minister and Director of the Foreign Affairs Commission Office Wang Yi, and wished them a pleasant stay in Serbia.

“We continue the cooperation between our countries, aiming to build together a better future for our citizens. This is a continuation of a longstanding, prosperous, and steel-strong friendship,” Mali wrote.

The delegation arrived in Belgrade as part of a two-day visit to Serbia, which President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping starts on Tuesday, said the Serbian Government on its website.

The Chinese President will lead a delegation of 400 people in Serbia, and more than 30 agreements are to be signed during the visit, it added.