Serbian official says more than 1,600 still missing in Kosovo

NEWS 23.06.2021 14:28
Veljko Odalović

The head of Serbia’s Missing Persons Commission said on Wednesday that more than 1,600 people who went missing during the war in Kosovo have not been accounted for yet.

Commission Chairman Veljko Odalovic said that 1,639 of the 6,064 people listed as missing by the International Committee of the Red Cross remain unaccounted for. “We can’t be satisfied until the last case is solved. I do not expect all of those cases to be solved because some remain unsolved in conflicts like this,” he told a gathering on the anniversary of the abduction and disappearance of 9 miners from the Belacevac mine.

According to Odalovic, 75 percent of the missing persons cases have been solved. He said that hope comes from the fact that the Specialist Chambers of war crimes committed in Kosovo were working with Kosovo institutions to discover the fate of missing persons.