Serbian opposition leader says Telekom borrowing money to pay wages

NEWS 22.12.2021 16:46

Serbian opposition leader Marinika Tepic said on Wednesday that Telekom Serbia’s debts had grown from 456 million Euro five years ago to 1.43 billion today, adding that the company is borrowing money to pay salaries.

She told a news conference that she has learned from Telekom sources that the state-owned company’s income dropped from 120 to 35 million Euro a year in that period. Tepic said that Telekom was forced to issue 200 million Euro worth of bonds because it couldn’t get a loan from any bank and is forced to borrow money to pay its employees.

The deputy leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said that Telekom Serbia pumped money into fake contracts and paid politicians and advisors through its subordinate company Mtel in Montenegro. She showed annexes to contracts with Mtel under which more than 300 million Euro were paid to the Djukanovic family in Montenegro, a public relations company and a close friend of the Serbian civilian security and intelligence agency (BIA) chief Bratislav Gasic. She said that a million Euro was paid for the Kiss Match app which, she claims, is used for prostitution.