Serbian pandemic response team says situation extremely difficult

NEWS 14.01.2022 19:52

The Serbian government’s pandemic response team warned that the situation in country is extremely difficult with an increasing number of new coronavirus cases.

“We discussed the current situation. We see that the number of positive cases is increasing and we are declaring the epidemiological situation as extremely difficult,” Vojvodina Provincial Health Secretary Zoran Gojkovic told reporters after a meeting of the response team.
Gojkovic said that omicron COVID variant is dominant at present. According to him, the increase in the number of new cases was caused by that variant but without the seriously ill patients that the previous variants caused.

He said that the response is considering a return to online classes. Gojkovic said said that the most likely decision will be for elementary school children to go to school while high school students will attend classes online but added that further consultations will be held on Tuesday before a final decision is reached. He said the problem is more in the seasonal flu than COVID.

The response team also decided to shorten the isolation period for COVID patients from 10 to seven days. “That is important to get things back to regular working conditions,” he said.
The price of PCR tests was reduced from 9,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) to 6,000 Dinars with antigen tests costing 1,800 instead of 3,500 Dinars in state-owned medical facilities.
Gojkovic said that the time between the second and third coronavirus vaccine shots now stands at three months.