Serbian Parliament adopts report on Belgrade’s negotiations with Pristina

Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Serbian MPs adopted by a majority vote the Serbian Government’s report on negotiations with Kosovo from September 2022 to mid-January 2023. The report was backed by 153 MPs out of the 183 who attended the session, 23 were against and nine abstained.

The MPs debated for two days at an extraordinary Parliament session on Kosovo, with the Government’s report on negotiations with Pristina on the agenda.

The report does not mention the Franco-German proposal to resolve the Kosovo issue. It was formally submitted to the Parliament by the Serbian Government, its Office for Kosovo and Metohija and the little known Office for the Coordination of Affairs in the Process of Negotiation with the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Pristina.

The 40 page report lists past activities and assesses progress on individual issues and agreements. It says that no progress has been made on the Community of Serb Municipalities, the police, judiciary and that little progress has been made in the field of energy, mainly blaming Pristina for the lack of progress. The report claims that official Belgrade has done everything to implement the agreements.