Serbian parliament continues session with war of words

NEWS 03.02.2023 14:08

The Serbian Parliament continued its session on Friday with President Aleksandar Vucic trading accusations with Green Left Club MP Robert Kozmo.

Kozmo accused Vucic of looking after his own interests to remain in power and leaving the Kosovo Serbs in a state of increasing uncertainty with Vucic accusing Kozmo of advocating the recognition of Kosovo. Vucic also claimed that he refuted 24 statements that he said were lies, adding that he was proud to have been targeted by Western sanctions in 1999 when he was Yugoslav federal Information Minister.

Earlier senior Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) official Darko Glisic said that two Oathkeepers MPs and three local councilors quit that conservative nationalist party and transferred to the SNS. His claims were denied by Oathkeepers leader Milica Djurdjevic Stamenkovski and one of the MPs named by Glisic.

Vucic said Kozmo’s words were nonsense. Parliament Speaker Vladimir Orlic did not allow Kozmo to respond.

The Serbian President told Dveri movement leader Bosko Obradovic that he is prepared to receive him and his coalition partners on Monday to present to them the Franco-German proposal for Kosovo on condition they do not go public with it.

Obradovic said he accepts the invitation to talks so he could see what the West’s ultimatum is about because “people have no confidence in the government after everything,” especially after Vucic said on January 20 that he would accept the proposed agreement on Kosovo and work on its implementation.

Ours is to fight, my door is open to you, because absence of talks is something that Serbia cannot allow itself, Vucic told the Parliament session. He noted that the opposition calls him a traitor and a dictator but that, in spite of this, he is prepared to hear all the proposals.

The Serbian President said the opposition MPs staged something worse than a circus in the Parliament and offered insults on Thursday and Friday, presenting themselves as patriots.