Serbian Parliament speaker: Hungary to keep helping Serbia store gas

NEWS 27.03.202320:06
Skupština Srbije

Serbian Parliament speaker Vladimir Orlic and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban discussed Monday in Budapest cooperation between the two countries in all areas, and issues of importance for the region and Europe.

Orlic said Serbia deeply appreciates the achieved level of cooperation with Hungarian friends in almost all areas, especially in implementing the most important infrastructure projects.

He said a Serbia-Hungary intergovernmental agreement on friendly relations and cooperation in the field of strategic partnership, recently approved by the Serbian Parliament, guarantees continued cooperation, and added that the announced setting up of a Serbia-Hungary strategic council is of particular importance.

The Serbian Parliament speaker thanked Hungary for its support when it comes to storing natural gas for Serbia’s needs, and its readiness to cede storage capacities to Serbia during next winter as well.

Orlic said Serbia particularly appreciates the strong and continued support Prime Minister Orban provides to Serbia on its European path, as well as Hungary’s clear and strong support regarding all major issues.