Serbian Patriarch serves liturgy in Zagreb cathedral damaged in earthquake

NEWS 19.08.202221:02
Srpska pravoslavna crkva

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), Patriarch Porfirije, served at the Zagreb Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord the first liturgy after the 2020 earthquake in which the Cathedral suffered serious damages.

The Patriarch said he was happy about the successful works on the restoration of the Cathedral.

He explained that church has been statically reinforced from its foundation up to the roof but that more work is still to be done.

“Although there is still a lot more work to be done, the temple is statically safe and it can, and we pray to God that this does not happen, withstand much stronger impacts. What remains to be done is to restore the iconography in the interior and to restore the outer wall plastic to its original appearance,“ Patriarch Porfirije said.