Serbian PEN Center: Rescind decision to expel Elena Koposova


The Serbian PEN Center said it received with the deepest concern the information that Elena Koposova, a notable translator from English to Russian, has been denied further residence in Serbia, where she has been living with her family for five years, and called on the Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry of review and rescind its decision.

Elena Koposova has been ordered to leave Serbia within 30 days, noted the Serbian PEN Center.

The explanation of the relevant state bodies that Elena Koposova is an “unacceptable threat to security,” is not founded on Elena Koposova’s biographical facts, or on her life and work in Serbia that she has chosen as the country in which she and her family will live, said the Center.

The Serbian PEN Center demands that the Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry review and rescind its decision on denying her residence in Serbia.

“Insisting on this decision would do grave injustice to a distinguished translator who, in her professional editorial and publishing work, established significant contacts with Serbian culture and literature. We particularly emphasize the humanitarian consequences of this Interior Ministry’s decision. Under this decision, Elena Koposova would be separated from her family (husband and two minor sons) who live in Serbia,” said the Serbia’s PEN Center.