Serbian PM claims Kosovo’s Kurti has no desire to talk

NEWS 06.08.2022 15:51
Tanjug/ Zoran Žestić

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said she could see no room for talks with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti as he does not seem to have desire for it.

Answering the question whether it is a positive signal when US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Gabriel Escobar says that the formation of the Community of the Serb Municipalities must also be discussed in Brussels on August 18, Brnabic said that she is not optimistic.

According to her, Escobar said it all must be in accordance with the Kosovo constitution.

“If you put that fence to be in line with their laws, it makes the whole dialogue pointless, if they themselves don’t respect them, and Pristina doesn’t respect its own constitution, otherwise there wouldn’t be a Kosovo army, because it that constitution says that they had to ask the Serbs about it but they didn’t,” said Brnabic.

She added that the Brussels agreement must be above that “so-called constitution.”

„Yesterday I had a meeting with the US ambassador Christopher Hill, I said that I hope for a constructive approach, I don’t see that there is room for a conversation with Kurti, he has no desire,“ she stressed.

Brnabic also expressed concerns over the statement by EU High Representative Josep Borrell, who said the EU could not force Pristina to do anything, while the EU is the guarantor of the Brussels agreement.

We have to keep the peace, as difficult as it is – it has never been more difficult, she underlined

„It’s a shame what we hear from Croatia, and the EU is silent about it“

Speaking about the status of the Serbs in Croatia, Brnabic said that they live in bad conditions, in the areas with zero investments. According to her, there is a message that there is no life for them there as their right to their alphabet is not respected and no one from the EU has responded to this.

She emphasised that the crimes are denied in Croatia, and that for over 10 years 900 people have been waiting for the identification of their remains, of which 360 – 400 are the Serbs killed during and after the Oluja (Storm) military operation.

„Croatia has no desire to hand over the remains to the families,“ said Brnabic.

The PM also assessed as “shameful” seeing Ustasha flags and symbols in Croatia, noting that “this is a clear message to the Serbs who were expelled that there is no return for them there.”


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