Serbian PM says not clear about EP resolution, EU could change position


Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Thursday that she isn’t clear about the European Parliament resolution and added that MEPs could instruct the European Commission to change the negotiation position on Chapter 35.

“Nothing is clear to me now – why the European Commission says one thing and the European Parliament another,” Brnabic said in response to a question from N1. She said that the Europan Commission document on negotiation positions for Chapter 35, in our case Kosovo and normalizing relations with Pristina, makes no mention of recognition. “It says comprehensive normalization of relations with Pristina. The European Parliament has adopted something else now,” she said.

Brnabic said that she can only assume that the European Parliament is going to instruct the Europan Commission to change the negotiation position. “It’s not clear to me how the negotiation position can change in the ongoing negotiation process because that is not a small change of rules but huge changes,” she said and added that the ball is in Brussels’ court

“I am asking the EU to tell us if the rules of the game are changing,” she said.