Serbian PM says ready to resign, president says no

Tanjug/ Vlada Srbije/ Slobodan Miljević

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that she is prepared to resign but that President Aleksandar Vucic won’t accept her resignation.

“Just to clear things up, I am prepared, as Prime Minister, to tender my resignation and the president knows that and, for now, he refuses it,” she wrote in a Twitter post.

Brnabic said that Vucic might change his mind.

“You want elections, no problem, we are always in favor of elections. I am certainly staying loyal to Serbia and Vucic,” the Twitter post said.

Pro-regime media reported on Monday that Brnabic invited Vucic to a meeting of her cabinet which is scheduled to meet as usual on Thursday. “The president is expected to announce a fatefully important decision which will define the future of the country and all of us,” those media said.