Serbian police arrest Kosovo border patrol officers on wrong side of boundary

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Tanjug/ STR

The Serbian police arrested 3 Kosovo Police officers inside the administrative belt on Serbia’s side of the boundary line preventing an act of terrorism, the Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) said on Wednesday.

The Kosovo Police said in a statement that its border patrol officers were believed to have been kidnapped by Serbian forces, claiming that they were inside Kosovo monitoring routes used by smugglers.

“Members of the MUP Anti-Terrorist group located and arrested three members of the so-called Kosovo Police in the administrative belt towards Kosovo and Metohija, deep inside the territory of central Serbia,” the Serbian MUP press release said. It added that the three Kosovo Police troopers were armed with automatic weapons in full combat gear with GPS devices, maps and other equipment.

“The quick and efficient action by the Serbian police successfully prevented the attempt by the so-called Kosovo Police to enter into central Serbia and underake an operation which, based on all parameters, represents an act of terrorism with the aim of destabilizing and escalating the conflict directed against the Republic of Serbia,” it said.

President Aleksandar Vucic was immediately informed at a national day reception in the Russian Embassy, it said.

The Kosovo Police statement said that its border patrol at Tresave/Bare inside Kosovo to stop smugglers using illegal crossings. “At noon today, a police unit, made up of three border officers, noticed a masked and armed individual and sent additional police units to investigate. The additional unit found a police car without any officers at the checkpoint and informed all security services and KFOR that the police officers were suspected to have been kidnapped by Serbian forces.

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