Serbian Police denies Guardian claims

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The Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) denied a report in the London Guardian which claimed that Serbian police officers stripped a group of illegal migrants and pushed them back across the border with North Macedonia. Pročitaj više

The Guardian posted a video which it claimed was of migrants stripped of their clothes by the Serbian police but added that it could not verify the authenticity of the video.

“The Serbian police acts in line with the law, respects the principles of humanity and international and national human rights regulations,” the MUP said in a press release, adding that Serbia’s efforts to stem illegal migration while respecing human rights has been recognized by the international community.

The MUP confirmed that its Border Police Department was requested by North Macedonia’s border authorities for an explanation about two events in the neighboring country’s village of Lojane where two groups of illegal migrants were found claiming to have been beaten and attacked by Serbian police officers and their dogs before being ordered to strip and go back across the border.

“The Serbian Police immediately investigated at the Regional Border Police Center and determined that none of its patrols were in the area at the time,” the press release said. It recalled that police officers from Austria and Hungary were engaged in patrols of the border with North Macedonia since January 13, 2023.

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