Serbian police gather evidence of illegal surveillance of President


The Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) said on Wednesday that it had gathered evident proving that President Aleksandar Vucic and his family had been under illegal surveillance.

A MUP press release said that a working group acting under orders from the Organized Crime Prosecution had interrogated a number of people and gathered evidence proving the wire-tapping. Vucic claimed recently that he and his family had been wire-tapped for some time but did not provide evidence of his claim.

“In line with the law on the competencies of state bodies in supressing organized crime, terrorism and corruption, this is to confirm that the inform received from persons suspected of being linked to the wire-tapping of President Vucic and members of his family have been handed on to the Organized Crime Prosecution,” the press release said.

It said that the ministry working group is continuing its investigation. Minister Aleksandar Vulin is quoted as saying that he informed the president of the results of the investigation.