Serbian president pledges 320 million Euro to public prior to elections

Sava Radovanović/Tanjug

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has pledged to pay more than 300 million Euro in various forms of aid to the public prior to the December 17 elections.

He pledged payments from the budget to old age pensioners, high-school and university students, people on social security and others. All those payments total some 38 billion Dinars or about 320 million Euro.

The biggest drain on the budget will be the 20,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 117 Dinars) Vucic pledged to pay old age pensioners. The president said that those payments to 1,646,577 pensioners will cost 285 million Euro. A quick calculation places the figure at 33 billion Dinars or about 281 million Euro.

Other payments pledged by the President will total some 4.65 billion Dinars.

Vucic said that some 170,000 people receiving social security payments and another 51,000 caring for others would be paid 10,000 Dinars each. The president also pledged 10,000 Dinars for high-school and university students payable to their mothers.