Serbian Prime MInister: Decision on measures for New Years Eve on Tuesday

Ana Brnabić
Tanjug/Slobodan Miljević

The Crisis Staff will hold a session on Tuesday when they will decide on the measures for the New Years celebration, Serbian Prime Minister said Sunday.

She noted that the communication between government representatives and Crisis Staff experts is excellent despite occasional misunderstandings.

“The medical part of the Staff deals with the protection of our healthcare system and the health of our citizens, and as head of the government, I and the rest of the Crisis Staff must consider some other things and how the measures will impact our economy. This struggle is extremely expensive and it cost us around one million Euros every day. Testing alone, when we have 20,000 tests, costs us €700-720 million,” Brnabic told Kurir TV.

It is a serious effort to bring those two interests together, plus one has to consider the mental state of the nation, Brnabic pointed out,

According to her, the medical part of the Crisis Staff was against the relaxation of measures over the weekend, but they found a good compromise, adding that the number of newly-infected individuals is in decline and that the economy is working.


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