Serbian right-wingers call for denazification of Balkans in RT documentary

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desničari proruske demonstracije beograd
Vladimir Zivojinovic / AFP

Russian TV station Russia Today broadcast a special "documentary" show "Serbia: Signs of War; The stark future of the Kosovo conflict" in which it advocates the start of another of war in the Western Balkans.

„My son and other children will live in a country of absolute peace, where all Serbian countries are gathered, from the Serbian sea, through Serbian Bosnia, Serbian Kosovo… Just as Russia succeeds in denazifying, demilitarizing and liberating the Russian world, so we Serbs have the right, through special operations, to create a Serbian world that will live in peace and freedom,“ said the leader of the Serbian Right, Misa Vacic, in the RT program, Belgrade daily Danas reports.

In the show, the danger of the outbreak of war is constantly presented and it is announced in three to six months or the next year.

„The shooting at the Brnjak border crossing, like a hundred years ago in Sarajevo, almost led to a global crisis,“ RT pointed out at the beginning of the report, referring to last month’s Kosovo Serb barricades at the Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings, not far from North Mitrovica.

The Russian ambassador to Serbia, Aleksandar Botsan-Kharchenko, also spoke in the “documentary”, explaining that Russia is looking to open a military base in Serbia, as a counterweight to the American Bondsteel base in Kosovo.

The West is pushing Serbia towards the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, Serbia is forced to recognize Kosovo and is threatened with the interruption of the supply of cheap gas, said the Russian Ambassador.

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