Serbian virologist warns of rise in new coronavirus cases

NEWS 22.07.2022 12:28
Milanko Šekler

A Serbian virologist warned on Friday that the country could face 20,000 new coronavirus cases a day because the public is not following recommendations.

“We will have official figures of more than 20,000 new cases a day and that is realistically a lot, many more positive because a mass of people are not getting tests, there is a mass of asymptomatic cases or people who feel ill for a day or two,” virologist Milanko Sekler said. Sekler is the lead virologist at the Veterinary Institute in Kraljevo.

He said the number of deaths has dropped despite the high number of new cases, even among the inoculated, adding that this indicates the end of the pandemic. “People who have been vaccinated or have survived will experience mild symptoms. We have adapted to the coronavirus and it has adapted to us,” Sekler said.