Serbians block Merdare border checkpoint with Kosovo

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A group of some 20 people blocked on Tuesday evening the Merdare administrative border crossing from the direction of Kursumlija, Serbia proper, toward Podujevo, Kosovo, in a show of support for the Kosovo Serbs, reported the Serbian state TV (RTS).

A truck with a trailer and tractors were used for roadblocks, reported the RTS, adding that the people who set up the barricade said they would stay there until further notice and expressed hope that they will be supported and joined by others.

Traffic at the Merdare border checkpoint is closed due to the barricades in the territory of Serbia proper, and the Kosovo Interior Ministry advised travelers Tuesday evening to use other border points.

“Serbian criminal groups have blocked the border checkpoint in in Merdare. All compatriots and citizens on the move are informed to use other border points for traffic until further official information by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. If you have already entered Serbia, then please use the border points in Mutivoda, White Soil or take the route through North Macedonia (Presevo border crossing) through Skopje. Given the fact that there are many fake news in circulation, which aim to spread fear, please follow @Kosovo_Police about the latest official updates in this regard,” said the Kosovo Police on its official accounts on social networks.

The Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry has not issued any statements regarding this matter.