Serbia’s activist announces new protests to make regime keeps its word

NEWS 19.01.2022 19:49

Savo Manojlovic, the director of ‘Go–Change’ campaigns, told N1 on Wednesday the organisation would stage a new series of protests, making the authorities keep their word.

“We have two crucial demands, but the protest is also against the attack (on Tuesday) we suffered outside the Parliament. Tomorrow is when we should show that this is not the city (Belgrade) of the blackmailed (people). If the two demands – the abolition of the (Rio Tinto’s) ‘Jadar Project Spatial Plan and ban on lithium and boron mining for 20 years – are not met, we have further plans. It’s up to the authorities how far we will go,” he said.

In the meantime, Ivica Dacic, Parliament Speaker, said  the People’s Initiative on Geological Research, submitted to the Parliament by the ‘Go – Change’ on Tuesday was returned to the submitters, „because that proposal does not contain certain legal preconditions for verification.“

Manojlovic added he would announce the steps and tactic on Thursday.

„No one in their right mind understands why the Prime Minister (Ana Brnabic) is bothering. Lithium is the topic of all topics, Serbia’s citizens won’t pay compensation to no one, but inquiry committees will be formed, and the responsibility of all those who participated in this (deals with Rio Tinto) in the last 15 years will be reconsidered,“ said Bratislav Jugovic, a ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP said.

He said he did not trust the Prime Minister.

Manojlovic told N1 that a Financial Times’ reporter called him to tell him that Rio Tinto stopped the project for a year. “That is lowering the topic until the elections are over,” Manojlovic said.

Serbia holds presidential, early general, Belgarde and some local elections on April 3.

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In the meantime, the pro-regime media reported that the Government would end all deals with the Anglo-Australian company and that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic would say ‘good bye’ to Rio Tinto on Thursday during her public address scheduled, according to those media, for 6 pm.

Manojlovic called for a protest on Thursday at 7 pm.

He said he knew the weather was called, that on January 20 was the St. John the Baptist Day which many Orthodox Serbs celebrated as a home patron, but nevertheless called on people to walk the city’s streets.


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